Traffic Engineering

Discipline Leader

Gordon Lum, P.E.


B.S. in Civil Engineering, Stanford University, 1984
M.S. in Infrastructure Planning and Management, Stanford University, 1985


Licensed Traffic Engineer (#1542) in California

Representative Projects:

I-880/High Street Access Improvement Project, San Jose Safe Routes to School Maps, Walnut Creek Downtown Parking Study, South San Francisco Signal Coordination Project, Kaiser Center, Oakland Signal Modifications and New Signal Installations, City of Oakland Grant Funding, San Leandro Traffic Calming Program, Cities of San Leandro, Dublin and Livingston Speed Surveys, City of San Leandro Traffic Control Plans, Cities of Oakland and San Leandro Traffic Signal Timing

What we do

Traffic Impact Studies

With countless traffic impact studies prepared by Aliquot, we have experience with a variety of land use types, including:

  • Office (campus and high-rise)
  • Residential (single-family homes and multi-family complexes)
  • Fast food restaurants and coffee shops (with and without drive-through)
  • Strip malls
  • Storage facilities
  • Hotels
  • Educational facilities (public and private, preschool through college)
  • Light industrial uses
  • Transit oriented developments.

Aliquot strives to provide objective studies based on current field data that would not only be approved by municipal staff but would be understandable to the general public. The goal is to recommend mitigation measures that are fair, necessary, feasible and cost-effective. Aliquot regularly attends public hearings and community meetings to present the results of our studies and aid in project approval.

Signal Timing

Aliquot has provided agencies with assistance related to coordinated timing for arterials, and for single, isolated intersections using software, such as Synchro. Our experience includes filling out countless signal timing sheets, programming controllers, as well as working side-by-side with signal technicians to fine tune the timing according to field conditions. Travel time runs are made to document existing conditions and how improved signal coordination can reduce delay.

Our discipline leader has been teaching signal timing and operations courses for the UC Berkeley Extension program since 2001 and has developed a signal timing Excel template (PlanSig) that has been widely distributed to transportation professional throughout California.

On-Call Services

Aliquot is especially qualified for on-call traffic engineering contracts because our discipline leader has worked over a decade as a public employee for East Bay agencies. This experience allows Aliquot to provide cost effective on-call services and act as extensions for transportation, planning and public works departments. We are able to provide staff members on-site, where required, or more usually through a combination of working in the agency offices and in Aliquot facilities throughout Northern California.

Parking Studies

We have experience with large-scale parking projects, including parking duration studies for downtown areas (Walnut Creek, Grass Valley, etc.), residential permit parking implementation, and parking occupancy studies for individual land uses (hospital, business parks, and residential complexes). Aliquot also forecasts parking generation of new development.

Traffic Calming

We are highly experienced with all aspects of traffic calming including planning, analysis, evaluation, and with the implementation of trial pilot projects using temporary traffic controls. Our discipline leader authored “10 Lessons Learned from a Pilot Traffic Calming Program” and presented it at an Institute of Transportation Conference.

On-Site Training

Our discipline leader has been teaching a variety of courses through the UC Berkeley Tech Transfer Program since 2001 and is available to train transportation professionals. With professional development budgets extremely limited in both the public and private sectors, on-site instruction allows for the training of many individuals without costly multiple registrations and travel expenses.