15th September 2014

Press Release

Aliquot Associates, Inc: 25 years of engineering excellence

Today, Aliquot Associates is proud to announce their 25th anniversary. With over 25 years of project management expertise and professional networking in engineering projects, Aliquot has developed a reputation as a preeminent engineering firm serving the Bay Area in California.

Founded in 1980 by planner and surveyor, Vincent J. D’Alo, Aliquot continues to be guided by the founder’s disciplined values and client-centered focus.

“The success of our firm, as reflected in its growth over the last 25 years, is attributable to two important factors; responsiveness to our clients and a commitment to innovative solutions. We celebrate 25 years of engineering excellence and service with pride and appreciation. We are looking forward to providing clients with the same reliable solutions and superior value for years to come.”

And, it took more than just engineering excellence for Aliquot Associates to reach their 25th anniversary in business. It took the development of a dedicated and talented team of planners, engineers, and surveyors along with the cultivation of many years of establishing a close network of contacts and relationships.

As a result, the firm has received numerous awards for their project successes, including, most recently, the 2006 Builder’s Award and the 2006 Excellence Award.
According to one of the company’s principals, Mr. Robert Wong:

“By establishing working ties to regulatory agencies and local authorities, we have had 25 great years of success at designing, permitting, and developing residential, commercial, and municipal projects for our clients.”

In fact, when Aliquot is working on any type of project, such as residential, subdivisions, commercial, or industrial projects, there is a great deal of collaboration between disciplines serving engineering, architectural landscape and planning. According to Mr. Wong, “There is a greater level of communication amongst ourselves that allows us to do better work.”