Novartis Berkeley, California

The Novartis campus in Emeryville, California, is an example of Aliquot’s multi-displine engineering services being utilized by our clients. Novartis saw, in the purchase of Chiron, an opportunity to turn around the Chiron vaccines business, once considered a dated backwater of the pharmaceutical industry, but currently a rebounded market.

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After Novartis purchased Chiron and after gearing up for its campus expansion, Novartis engaged Aliquot’s services for its refinancing program. Aliquot’s Engineering and Surveying groups went to work. The lender required a drainage flood plain study and an analysis of Novartis’ title to the many parcels of land and easements purchased in the acquisition from Chiron.

The 100 acre drainage study, analyzed the historic drainage facilities constructed by the City of Emeryville, which drained the uplands of the City through the campus and also included the effect of tidal action of the San Francisco Bay. Many of the older buildings of the campus property contained basements. Flood plain elevations, approaching curb level, had a potential effect on these lower elevations. Aliquot identified potential areas of flooding and made recommendations to protect the areas.

The title analysis involved over 30 parcels, including easement rights by others over the fee parcels and color of title to old abandoned railroad spurs. The work involved obtaining quitclaim deeds from adjacent owners, lot line adjustments, a 56 acre record of survey from Park St. north to Powell, and west from Hollis. to the Southern Pacific Railroad Right of Way. An ALTA survey was provided to the lender showing the boundaries of fee parcels, easements, and the effect of encroachments. After consultation with Novartis attorneys, lender attorneys, and title company underwriters, the ALTA was accepted by all parties and the loan closed. This also led to an engagement with the City of Emeryville to complete property exchanges between the City and the SPRR Co. to complete the bay inner trail.

During Chiron’s site expansion, Aliquot provided surveying services to both Chiron and the City of Emeryville Redevelopment Agency.