Discipline Leaders

Vincent J. D’Alo, L.S.

Mr. D’Alo’s background involves over thirty years of professional experience in planning, engineering, and surveying. He has been serving as co-owner and president of Aliquot Associates Inc. for over 26 years. more

Robert Wong, P.E.

Mr. Wong is a co-owner and vice president of Aliquot and is responsible for all engineering throughout the company. Recognized as a professional with a tremendous amount of experience in all aspects of public and private engineering projects, he is an effective communicator and representative. Mr. Wong specializes in developing excellent working relationships with clients, the public and jurisdictional agencies to resolve conflicts and achieve positive results. more

Gordon Lum

Mr. Lum is a registered traffic engineer in California (#1542) with almost 23 years of experience in traffic engineering. Twelve of those years were in the public sector, where he was employed as an engineer by the Cities of Oakland and San Leandro. more